What do I need to do to join CHBC?

1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Experience believer’s baptism.*
3. Join during the invitation portion at Sunday's Morning Worship Service or visit           with Dr. Croom or a CHBC Membership Counselor.

* Why does College Hill practice baptism by immersion?

    Being baptized does not make you a Christian; it is an act of obedience. If a person has not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, baptism is a meaningless ritual. But for the person who has begun new life in Christ, baptism is a witness to what Jesus has done. Baptism is the reenactment of the burial and resurrection of Jesus.

    When a person is placed under the water during baptism, it is a picture of Jesus being buried for our sins and our dying to an old way of life. When the person being baptized is pulled up from the water, it symbolizes Jesus being resurrected from the grave and the beginning of a new life. Baptism is also a picture of our future. All of us will die and be buried; but as Christians, we will be raised from the grave to be with Christ in heaven. Baptism is a way we give witness to the work of Jesus in us.