Give NOW


Why We Give? God has richly blessed us in so many ways, including financially. Since God is the owner of all we have and has entrusted us with His resources we are to be His managers or stewards and should strive to use all of our resources in accordance with God’s will. As an expression of gratitude for all God has done for us, we return to Him a portion of what He has entrusted to us. The Bible commands us to give a tithe, which is ten percent of our gross income, to the local church. In addition, as an expression of our love for God, we give offerings above the tithe to the local church, as well as, to other ministries both locally and around the world. Even in the face of trials and worries, we are called to commit to God our best and not our leftovers. How could we do anything less in light of what God has done for us?