Pastor's Message

Greetings! Please accept my expression of welcome.  We the members of College Hill Missionary Baptist Church are thankful that you were led to our website.  The month of July is America’s celebration of its independence from England’s rule. Here at CHMBC, in July we celebrate our independence from Satan’s rule.  We are reminded by Peter to “be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a rearing lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (I Peter 5:8).

 Satan wants to destroy those of us who resist him.  Be careful not to stray and become a victim of the devil’s snares.  It is imperative that we guard our devotional life, drawing near to our Heavenly Father daily.  We must take our stand boldly for God staying away from Satan’s territory.  In addition, I challenge all of you to be humble and seek the approval of God.  Jesus, our example, was humble. Thus, we must be humble too.  James 4:10 reminds us that we please God when we give Him first place in our lives.  

 There are temptations we face daily; however, don’t stoop.  Paul encourages us, “be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).  Despite the morals of our global society being at an all-time low, Christ will lift and restore those who repent and forsake their sins.  My fellow Christians, you must not condone evil, “but overcome evil with good.”  Finally, keep on keeping on.  Matthew 10:22 teaches, “but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”  

 We know that Satan attracts, distracts, and attacks.  No problem is too difficult, no trial is too severe, and no burden is too heavy for those who are Christians because God’s help and grace are sufficient.  We all know God is more than a match for Satan, and we are more than conquerors through Him!

Be Blessed!

Dr. Kelvin W. Croom